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We know that your main concern is directly increasing your revenue. That's why we focus on the services we know get results.

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Media Buying

Google Advertising Services

Our Google PPC services include advertising on all available placements, including the Display Network and YouTube.

We're in Q1 of 2022.

We typically see ad costs decrease during the first part of the year.

Now is a great time to take advantage and scale your marketing campaigns.

Our team has profitably scaled businesses to hundreds of thousands in ad spend. Talk to us today about your marketing campaign.

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Our 4 step approach to successful media buying:

We examine how the industry operates, and draw on our past experiences to get a solid understanding of what will be most effective.

Ad Placement:

We choose placements that will get your ads exposed to the right audience at the right times, ensuring you get optimal reach.


After the campaigns are launched, it's time to start tracking and optimising the campaigns to improve performance.

Decision Making:

Interpreting the campaign data and knowing how to optimising a campaign is what sets us apart from the competition.

Copywriting that directly impacts sales

An advertisement will only produce sales by being read. Before it’s read, it must be noticed.

In its simplest form, marketing is a contest for people’s attention.

Copywriting is your way to win that contest…

This is where you can grab your prospect’s attention with a strong headline, pull them into the body of your copy with a powerful lead, and get them to commit to buying from you with a compelling close.

That’s why our approach to copywriting is simple: we introduce the problem your audience is facing, then illustrate how your business can solve it.
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Sales funnels that convert

Sending traffic to a campaign specific funnel or landing page results in more leads and sales for your business.

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Speed & Optimisation

Landing pages offer the speed and flexibility needed to optimise and increase conversion rates at every step of the customer journey.

Bespoke designs that match your brand

Speak to us today about building a high-converting landing page for your next campaign.

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What Our Clients Say
Jennifer Deidre
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Very highly satisfied! I've worked with them several times and they're incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. They're extremely informative and will ensure that you are satisfied and that your issues are promptly resolved. You WON'T be disappointed! They're truly the BEST!

Perry Power
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

These guys REALLY know their stuff. I've previously used various other digital marketing agencies for my company over the years (4 in total) but it's the same old stuff normally. Lots of low quality leads. Not UKB. They have HUGE expertise and knowledge in generating high quality prospects. Thanks guys 👌

Tim Megginson
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Jack and his team are the only advertising agency I trust with my business and marketing. They are always completely up to date, responsive, knowledgeable and VERY effective. You can’t afford not to have good digital advertising in our economy.

Cliff Shelton
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

I've been working with UKB Marketing for several years now and am always satisfied. Whether it has been web design, hosting, sales funnels, web integrations I continually am confident the job will be taken care of! Highly recommended!

Rhian Freear
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

UKB Marketing helped me solve something that I had spent numerous hours on, within minutes! So knowledgeable, professional and friendly, I look forward to working with them again very soon. Highly recommended!

Scott Jackson
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Super professional - would highly recommend UKB Marketing! Great results on the various campaigns they’ve helped us with. Jack is extremely knowledgeable and was always willing and happy to go the extra mile for us!

Allan Fleming
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Absolutely top level service from an extremely knowledgeable team. Highly recommended - 5 stars!