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We're a Google Partner agency & our team is Meta Certified as Media Buying Professionals.
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Get New Customers, At Scale

To successfully grow your business, you need to amplify your reach to drive new customers. Advertising on social media channels and search engines allows you to reach your target audience and convert them into customers.
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Our Approach

You need an agency that understands more than the mechanics of media buying and how to use paid media as a tool to scale your business.

Growth Strategy

At UKB Marketing we focus on building a strategy around your business objectives. You may want to focus on short term return on marketing spend, or perhaps you are looking for long term expansion of market share. Our job is to build a strategy that delivers an outcome that meets your current needs.

Investment Management

As we spend your ad spend on a paid social or search platform, we're making an investment on your behalf.

It's our job to manage these investments and evaluate what's delivering the biggest incremental lift for your brand.

This goes beyond simply evaluating which platform is getting the highest return. We also look at the impact each platform is having on the other. For example the relationship between your paid social, your email campaign efficiency, and your organic or paid search performance.

It's also our job to look at which products or services we're promoting for your brand, and evaluating these for their uplift. For example investing into your flagship product or service might produce a significantly higher return over the next 6 months compared to another product set. By understanding this, we go beyond what is simply producing the lowest cost click, lead, or purchase.

Tracking Attribution

Tracking and attribution is crucial for 2 reasons.

Firstly, we need to be able to report with a high degree of accuracy on what's happening post click. We need to know if someone is buying the product or becoming a lead after they click on your advert. This is done by setting up tracking.

Secondly, we need to feed this data back to the platforms so they can optimise. Paid social and search platforms will optimise your campaigns over time towards people who are most likely to take the action you're optimising for. If you do not report back on the results, the platform cannot learn.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Is your business a one legged stool?

The reality is, if you're relying on only one platform to deliver you new customers, you're vulnerable. Not to mention you're missing a lot of potential business.

We look at your entire paid marketing mix across all the relevant channels to ensure you're maximising your growth potential.

This doesn't mean we use every platform for every client, but it does mean we aim to leverage a range of platforms to deliver an optimal result that doesn't leave you vulnerable.

Standardisation & Reporting

To understand which of our efforts are delivering the most efficient results, we need to be looking at all the metrics through the same lens.

This means we standardise the data to a singular output that enables us to see which platform, creative, or campaign type is delivering the best outcome.

Ready to grow your brand? Get in touch today to find out how we can help!
Results Matter
From £0 to £1.5m in 12 months

Client: G7FX

Industry: Online Education

Services: Marketing Strategy, Paid Social & Search, Copywriting, Funnel Design & CRO, Email Marketing


£74k Attributed Sales In 60 days

Client: Bespoke Carpentry

Industry: eCommerce

Services: Marketing Strategy, Paid Social & Search, Creative, Copywriting, Funnel Design & CRO


Magazine Subscriber Growth

Client: SheerLuxe

Industry: Online Magazine

Services: Marketing Strategy, Paid Social & Search, Copywriting


Per Lead
New Gym Venue Launched

Client: 180 Strength

Industry: Fitness Facility

Services: Marketing Strategy, Paid Social & Search, Copywriting, Funnel Design & CRO, Creative, Email Marketing


B2B Insurance & Mortgage Leads

Client: B2B Finance

Industry: Insurance, Mortgages

Services: Marketing Strategy,
Paid Social & Search, Copywriting, Creative


Per Lead
Online Fitness Lead Generation

Client: Cover Model Coaching

Industry: Online Fitness

Services: Marketing Strategy, Paid Social & Search, Copywriting, Funnel Design & CRO


Per Lead

What Our Service Includes

In most cases our clients require one, or all of our performance marketing services. They go hand in hand to deliver outstanding results for your brand.
Ready to grow your brand? Get in touch today to find out how we can help!

What Our Clients Say

Jennifer Deidre
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Very highly satisfied! I've worked with them several times and they're incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. They're extremely informative and will ensure that you are satisfied and that your issues are promptly resolved. You WON'T be disappointed! They're truly the BEST!

Perry Power
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

These guys REALLY know their stuff. I've previously used various other digital marketing agencies for my company over the years (4 in total) but it's the same old stuff normally. Lots of low quality leads. Not UKB. They have HUGE expertise and knowledge in generating high quality prospects. Thanks guys 👌

Tim Megginson
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Jack and his team are the only advertising agency I trust with my business and marketing. They are always completely up to date, responsive, knowledgeable and VERY effective. You can’t afford not to have good digital advertising in our economy.

Cliff Shelton
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

I've been working with UKB Marketing for several years now and am always satisfied. Whether it has been web design, hosting, sales funnels, web integrations I continually am confident the job will be taken care of! Highly recommended!

Rhian Freear
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

UKB Marketing helped me solve something that I had spent numerous hours on, within minutes! So knowledgeable, professional and friendly, I look forward to working with them again very soon. Highly recommended!

Scott Jackson
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Super professional - would highly recommend UKB Marketing! Great results on the various campaigns they’ve helped us with. Jack is extremely knowledgeable and was always willing and happy to go the extra mile for us!

Allan Fleming
A star iconA star iconA star iconA star iconA star icon

Absolutely top level service from an extremely knowledgeable team. Highly recommended - 5 stars!


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