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Client Brief

When G7FX first approached us, the busines was at it's initial stages developement.

The objective was to develop a complete online marketing solution to launch and sell their online trading education courses.

Our Approach

Before we could bring the product to market, we first had to plan, design, and build all the assets including sales funnels, email follow up, marketing automation, payment gateways, and of course - the front end Facebook advertising campaigns.

As this was a new industry for us, we first spent several days going through the entire course to gain a better understanding of the target audience, and be able to understand what sets them apart from the rest of the companies out there offering a similar service. This research step is something we do with every client we work with.

Our approach to the marketing funnel was to use a free training video series to help introduce new potential customers to the course, while building trust - before asking them to commit financially.

Once we had built out all the marketing assets behind the scenes, we were then ready to go live!


In the first 30 days, we generated £11,705 in sales, with ony £676.05 in ad spend - producing a 17.31X return on ad spend.

Fast forward 12 months, and we had expanded the marketing across multiple platforms, and generated over £1M in sales.

ROAS In 30 Days
Sales In 12 Months
Client Review

Would give UKB TEN STARS if I could..

No matter what I write it would never do justice to what Jack and his dad at UKB Marketing have done for my company.

To be honest I didn’t even have a company until I met Jack / UKB about 18 months ago. I approached UKB a while back with a brand new concept of turning my skillset (working in financial markets) into an education business.

I knew everything about my specific field but literally nothing about marketing or advertising. I had approached several firms and it felt to me like I was “just another number”, their proposals all felt very cookie cutter to me and never gave me the impression they cared about my company.

Enter Jack and his dad at UKB. They made time to speak to me personally and they actually made a proposal that was incredibly bespoke and went into amazing detail about how I could use their Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Google expertise to market my business. Jack is also a wizard at ClickFunnels and building sales funnels, websites and even educational course frameworks.

I was so impressed with the proposal I signed up with them and was utterly blown away by the work they did for me in the following months. They took charge of everything, running all my Facebook/Instagram and YouTube advertising campaigns, building my sales funnels/website/email series and even the templates for my educational products.

Jack would even work weekends to make sure everything was running smoothly. Talk about dedication to the cause. It paid off, with UKB’s help I turned my business from zero to one of the fastest growing financial education companies in the UK in 2020/2021.

I continue to work with UKB heavily to date. They have recently expanded and brought on a website specialist and a sales copy writer. I commissioned the new website designer to completely rebuild my website from scratch and they blew me away again with the end result and their creative writer is just fantastic, she writes some of the best bespoke copy I have ever seen.

Like I said no review could ever do justice to what UKB have done for my company but for me they are hands down the best marketing company in the UK.

I have come across and dabbled with some of the biggest “names” in marketing services and I can tell you from personal experience they come nowhere near to UKB. These guys really have it all under one roof, will treat your business like it’s their own and not just “another number” like most of these marketing company’s do.

DO NOT HESITATE FOR A MOMENT give your business the best!

Neerav Vadera - Founder of G7FX

What Our Clients Say

Jennifer Deidre
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Very highly satisfied! I've worked with them several times and they're incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. They're extremely informative and will ensure that you are satisfied and that your issues are promptly resolved. You WON'T be disappointed! They're truly the BEST!

Perry Power
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These guys REALLY know their stuff. I've previously used various other digital marketing agencies for my company over the years (4 in total) but it's the same old stuff normally. Lots of low quality leads. Not UKB. They have HUGE expertise and knowledge in generating high quality prospects. Thanks guys 👌

Tim Megginson
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Jack and his team are the only advertising agency I trust with my business and marketing. They are always completely up to date, responsive, knowledgeable and VERY effective. You can’t afford not to have good digital advertising in our economy.

Cliff Shelton
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I've been working with UKB Marketing for several years now and am always satisfied. Whether it has been web design, hosting, sales funnels, web integrations I continually am confident the job will be taken care of! Highly recommended!

Rhian Freear
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UKB Marketing helped me solve something that I had spent numerous hours on, within minutes! So knowledgeable, professional and friendly, I look forward to working with them again very soon. Highly recommended!

Scott Jackson
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Super professional - would highly recommend UKB Marketing! Great results on the various campaigns they’ve helped us with. Jack is extremely knowledgeable and was always willing and happy to go the extra mile for us!

Allan Fleming
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Absolutely top level service from an extremely knowledgeable team. Highly recommended - 5 stars!