Website Design Showcase - The Pontesbury Project

UKB recently designed a new website for The Pontesbury Project, a Shropshire-based charity that provides care and support for adults with severe learning difficulties. They were a pleasure to work with, and we’re happy we could help create an online presence for the incredible work they do.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons and philosophy behind our design.


Content and Purpose

Aside from informing visitors about their services, the main purpose of the Pontesbury Project’s website is to encourage jobseekers to apply for a role within the organisation.

This is reflected throughout the copy, which focuses on three things: what Pontesbury does, the high quality of its services, and why it's an excellent place to work.

The website is segmented into clearly labelled pages, each covering a different aspect of the organisation. This ranges from the Project's history and values, to their specific approach to providing care. Our goal was to cover all topics a visitor may be interested in, while making the information they're looking for easy to find.

As attracting jobseekers is the main focus, the page promoted most prominently is the "Work With Us" page. We placed numerous "Join Our Team" buttons on both the homepage and subpages which, when clicked, take the visitor directly to the career application page. Each subpage has a header with the CTA prominently displayed, so visitors can easily navigate to the careers page no matter where they are on the site.

Social Proof

We also encouraged job applicants with the inclusion of social proof. Positive testimonies from current carers increase trust and reinforce the charity’s reputation as a great place to work.

Finally, we chose to use a warm, compassionate, yet formal tone for the copy. This is to illustrate the care and support service users receive, while also demonstrating the professionalism and competence of the service and staff.

Visual Design


Our design philosophy prioritises clarity and function. We believe visuals should complement the website’s purpose, not distract from it. That’s why we stick to a minimalist look in our designs, with clean graphics and a consistent style.


Readability and navigation were our main focuses. Copy was broken into easy-to-follow segments and complemented with graphical elements (like icons). This makes it easy to find relevant information.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme was chosen to reflect two things: the area of outstanding natural beauty surrounding the Project, and the local community the Project is strongly connected to. The light green and yellow bring to mind the bucolic setting, and are similar to the colour schemes used by other businesses and organisations in the area.

Image-wise, we took advantage of the Project's beautiful location by incorporating many images of the area. This served both as an accurate representation of the area, as well as a demonstration of one of the job’s benefits - getting to work in such picturesque surroundings.

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