UKB Marketing Generates £11,705 for G7FX in the first 30 Days!

Within the first 30 days, UKB Marketing generated £11,705 in online sales for G7FX.

G7FX offers professional trading education through online courses. Founded by Nirav, an Institutional Forex & Futures Trader with over 16 years experience, ex advisor to Central Banks & Hedge Funds.

Prior to working with UKB Marketing, G7FX had not run any paid advertising campaigns.

Initially, UKB Marketing created the key components needed for the promotion and delivery of the G7FX training, which included:

  • Building the membership site where users could seamlessly access the 13+ hours of training.
  • Creating the sales funnel. This was built on ClickFunnels, as it provides the flexibility for split testing and making design changes quickly. It’s also fully mobile optimised, which is an absolute must. The strategy used for the sales funnel was to educate potential customers while introducing the G7FX paid courses as the solution to the issues that the target demographic are facing.
  • Payment gateway integration for customers to safely and easily checkout online.
  • Email marketing integration. To keep users engaged throughout the sales funnel process, emails were sent to follow up, keep engagement high, and provide additional value. This increased the number of people returning to the funnel to make a purchase.
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. For the front end campaigns, several different creatives were split tested. These campaigns were used to generate leads and get users into the sales funnel. Retargeting ads were also created to follow up with users who didn’t purchase, but did become a lead. These ads proved to be very effective, producing a 59.46X ROAS (return on ad spend) from one campaign and a 38.01X ROAS from another.

Throughout the campaigns, over 734 leads were generated, and £11,705 in sales. The ad spend during this period was £676.05 producing a 17.31X return on ad spend.

In conclusion, the campaigns were a tremendous success and both G7FX and UKB Marketing are excited to scale them up over the coming weeks and months.

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